Most of you must be aware by now that a notorious club system will be introduced for coffeeshops across the Netherlands from 1 January 2013. In brief, under this system, those who do not live in the Netherlands will not be able even to come inside Betty. Also, those who do live in the Netherlands will have to ‘register’ with us and obtain what is called ‘wietpas‘ even if you do not intend to smoke. Now the negative implications on BLAF are more than obvious.

– Overseas visitors (or at Betty we call them ‘Supernationals’) cannot join BLAF including the next big band from UK ‘You Me Tree’.

– Participating musicians and audience have to go through ‘registering process’, which is in my eyes violation of privacy.

– There will be no chance that someone happens to pass by, hears the music, pops in and sing one great…

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