Looking back at 2010

It was another eventful year which started with a blue moon. Looking back at all the months, here are only some of the highlights…

January: Singstar party was the only way to Celebrate the joint birthday with my twin singer brother Luke. Many bars and other venues are doing Karaoke these days but there is nothing like Betty’s Karaoke night with high musical standard and cheers and jelousy. We really should try and do it again… A old picture from 2009 ;) -> the red bench!

February: Depressingly quiet. There was however a circle of dedicated Film Night fans who were never deterred by cold but gathered to watch selection of cult films and munch on chocolate fondue, home made cakes and other fattening snacks.

March: Still can’t forget the first warm-ish day when EVERYONE came out of hibernation and gathered at the bar. All the excuses for not seeing each other for a while and lots of catching up. My visual memory of this evening is a very bright one even though the lighting of the shop must have been reasonably dim. The first day we could clearly see that spring was coming after very long winter…

April: Queen’s  Day. Like any other year, the bar sometimes turned into a battlefield and I certainly enjoy it. Reguliersdwarsstraat remain the best spots on a day of celebration as people there know how to party. Here are some pictures from Reguliers.net

May: I found a very good tea supplier in Germany and did a tasting week. After getting feed-backs, we now have an even better selection of tea…Also this month, DJ VARIA started DJing. To date, I believe he is one of the best DJ/musicians in Amsterdam and we are lucky to have him spinning for us… (Make sure you visit his soundcloud mixes!)

June: The start of summer holiday season. It is always so nice to meet new people as well as welcoming back the returning guests…Don’t you think I did quite well in remembering many people’ s faces..?!

July: Apart from enjoying company of happy holiday makers, we kept ourselves busy working with artists such as Sergio Aquila (the photographer showed his work during Gay Pride in August), Rob Warren ( released his first EP in August) and Nickie Nicole (launched his new art collection in Amsterdam after coming back from NYC). I would have never met all the great people had I not arrived at Betty. Very grateful.

August: Gay Pride in soaking rain, more visitors (=more fun) and Rob Warren’s EP launch gig. The shop and acoustic music go extremely well, we found out and got inspirations for our future events.

September: We enjoyed some of the last days of sitting on a terrace till late in the evening before it started getting rather chilly. Meanwhile, we re-started our film nights to make sure we have something fun indoors. On a personal note, after spending the busy summer months working in the bar, I started feeling tired. Then it was nice just to sit and watch Japanese movies with friends.

October: In October 2009, the shop became very quiet but not this year. We have had much more people visiting from abroad since the beginning of the year. Clearly, people’ s mood which had been affected by so called ‘ economic crisis’ started changing this year and people started exploring again…

November: Betty’ s first bid for The High Times C-Cup! It was so much fun with great company of judges. The great experience convinced us to do it again next year. Our entry had recommendation by a board of pro judges! Now you know that we are not just busy with Karaoke and film nights. We know our core business and do it very well!

December: It will definitely be white Christmas and we will be open every day for the rest of the year to enjoy the festive mood with guests and friends. There was a report on possible law change which could negatively affect our trade but we are determined to fight for justice and principle if necessary and we will certainly need your support!!! Besides, it’ s now time for reflection and contemplation before the year-end MADNESS (and stock-taking chaos)!

All in all, it was another great year in which we enjoyed being even more creative and further nurturing friendship. Next year will be our 5th year. I would like all of you to be a part of it!
Finally, on behalf of everyone at Betty, TOO! I would like to thank all the friends for their love and support for Betty. You have always been, and will always be a very important part of the whole thing and you just don’ t know how much we appreciate it….We wish you all very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!

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