Betty, TOO! is going for C-Cup for the first time!

Betty, TOO! is going for C-Cup for the first time!
( ublic/cancup/)

There will be ‘judges’ in the town to decide ‘The Shop of the Year’!
We would LOVE all the group members and friends to join the fun and madness during this week and help us win the Cup!
…Following is the line-up of the events…

Friday 19 Nov 20:00-22:00 (or longer if he feels like it)
DJ Varia, Betty’s resident DJ will welcome you to the C-Cup Week. He uses 4 decks and plays all sorts of music including his originals. It’s an art of DJ on a different level…

Sunday 21 Nov 15:00-16:00 Acoustic Music featuring TOP musicians from all over Europe and UK including Rob Warren.

Monday 22 Nov 21:00-23:00 Kable Guy’s Creative Commons Music. Kable Guy is good at cabling and is passionate about music produced under creative commons music.

Tuesday 23 Nov 20:00 22:00 “Blow Job” Live performance by Georgina. Don’t miss out to get a ‘free blow job’, yes, we will do ANYTHING to win the Cup!- Choose 1 out of 10 ‘blow jobs” on the menu to face up the expectations and possible interpretations.

Wednesday 24 Nov 20:00 Betty’s Film Night C-Cup Edition
Along side the main film (TBA), we will also be showing a couple of short films produced for Betty, TOO!. Also, if you wish, we will show a very small part of a Japanese porn film ‘Amsterdam High’ which was shot in our shop nearly 4 years ago!

Wednesday 24 Nov 22:00 DJ Hank Disaster will play only cover music, nothing else…He want’s to call it ‘Undercover’ but he is gutted that the name has been take by someone else by Amsterdam…Not original enough for the most original DJ in A’dam…

Thursday 25 Nov 16:00 Betty’s Draw Announcement
During the week, we will be selling novelty packs with a draw to win one-of-a-kind gift. On Thursday at 4:00 pm, We will see who have won the most exclusively gift! The anouncement will be followed by endless party with music and we wait to hear which shop have won the C-Cup 2010…!

We shall keep you posted with details for each event. Beside these events, we will be celebrating the C-Cup week by serving hot chocolates with special recipes, ‘Betty’s HIGH Tea’ (wink), various snacks including Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwiches. Also, don’t forget to enter the draw which I mentioned above by buying one of our ‘novelty pack’! We will announce the prize in a couple of days and you will say ‘WOW’!

We are very happy to be a part of C-Cup this year and looking forward to welcoming you all to all the events!

Lots of love

Everyone at Betty, TOO!

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  2. Jeff says:

    Hope you win!

    All best wishes,

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