Another podcast on the horizon

I have to apologize for the big delay between the postings on the blog! Days are getting more quiet now, because the summer holidays are over and the tourists are leaving the city. Let me give you some update what happened in the meantime.

I-tunes here we come

After posting the first episode of The Time Is Now we got quite some feedback. Some people told us that they had access problems due to the fact that for those cool I-pad’s can’t deal with the music player from soundcloud. Very disappointing! With some research on the internet and the help of Juho (our resident DJ and Apple fellow) we managed to get the show into the I-tunes podcast directory! We registered the podcast and listed it in the music section. If you van’t find it, try looking for explicit shows! 

Rob Warren cd-release performance

At first: A BIG thank you to everyone who came to the gig and supported the artists. We also want to thank the people following live on the stream. The stream was like always provided by our resident DJ. His VARIA sets on Saturdays are getting more and more popular. His live streams from Betty,TOO! (every Saturday evening!) are well received by many friends all over the world. For the cd-release unfortunately we provided the information about the live stream on the internet quite late… We will work on that in the future!

R-warren-rise-performance poster

We planned to provide you with the recording of the performance from the 25th of August in the next podcast, but unfortunately we have not finished the editing process. As soon as we are done with it I will post the gig as a special edition of the podcast!

Tieka, Leonie, Iranzu and of course Rob

We also want to thank TiekaBomberLeo and of course Iranzu for their fantastic performances! Tieka was actually not only performing, but also took over the presentation and acted as the main MC of the event. (Rob asked her a only one hour in advance…) 

The gig turned out to be the highlight of the year so far. You could say sold out, but of course nobody was charged for entry. I made a small video with Yuki’s photo camera that shows clearly that we did not have any space left, although the quality of the video itself might not set new standards.

Live performance of Rob and Iranzu at Betty, TOO! in Amsterdam

Have a look at out Rob’s artist page at On the page you find the video of the gig as well as ‘Four Walls‘ and ‘Speak‘. I added also the event on the profile, so people with a flickr account can upload their pictures – tag them with ‘lastfm:event=1654144‘ and they will show up in the photostream on as well.

If you like the idea of having an overview on your listing habits, we recommend to go for a free membership at We are ‘scobbeling’ our music since 3 years now and the shops profile can be found over here: 

Another small advert:  Rob’s cd is not sold out yet! 😉

Please order at

The show must go on 

As I mentioned earlier – we planned to have the cd-release performance to be our second episode of the podcast, but couldn’t finish the editing yet. I have to admit, that i did not prepare any content /music yet so we basically had nothing to present. So while preparing the show I learned the next lesson…

You wouldn’t think listening to some music and making a nice playlist for the show is that hard would you? I didn’t think so either before I started doing the podcast. I want to make sure we provide you only with high quality tracks of Artists and Bands releasing under creative commons license. The problem is not the quality, but the sheer amount of high quality tracks makes it difficult!

After hours and hours of browsing the internet and listening to hundred of tracks, we finally asked a band from Sweden to be our featured artists of the next episode. They fortunately agreed and you can expect some of the finest chilled tracks of the year!

We will also have our host Nicky Nicole aka. Nicholas Carter back on board. Nicky is going to present some guest that are with her in New York. A big part of the conversation will be not only about the New York fashion week…

Online music

Before I end this post I wanted to make sure you have something to listen to before we publish the next show, so I put a few links together so you can (try to) get an overview and listen yourself:
  • Jamendo – Discover the more than 38000 albums available for free and legal download!
  • Rathole Radio – Every second Sunday one hour live via stream in the shop.
  • The Internet Archive – Over 200.000 free digital recordings many of them available for download.

Go there and start and your discovery – take care till next time!

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  1. Jeff says:

    Very cool blog, Marc! You guys have a full calendar of lots of cool music! Wish I were there to listen to it with you.

    All best wishes,

  2. Marc says:

    Hi Jeff!
    Hope you had a wonderful trip! I just uploaded more music to listen too.
    I hope we will be able to broadcast our live event next week, so there is a chance that you can join our internet stream. I will post the link to the stream next weekend! Hope to see you soon! Marc

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