Bettys Podcast “The Time Is Now”

At Betty, TOO!, we just released the first episode of our own prodcast radio programme The Time Is Now.Our target is to produce 0.5-1 hour programme every two weeks to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening at Betty, TOO! as well as in the rest of Amsterdam. We would also like to cover what’s going on in our friends home-towns in the future.

In our first episode, we feature Nicholas Carter, a famous multi-talented artist who just had an art exhibition in Amsterdam as well as Rob Warren, a UK musician who currently lives in Amsterdam and is about to launch his first solo album RISE. Both interviews are truly inspiring and we are honoured to have them for our very first episode.
During the episodes of The Time Is Now, we would like to have as many people as possible who are important to Bettys community. So alongside the  main interview parts, we will be asking our regulars in the future to say a couple of words in each episode. This way, I’m hoping that the listners have a good idea of what kind of people are hanging out in our shop and they will certainly be curious enough to come to Amsterdam to check out our shop and even say something to the microphone themselves!

By the way, why is it called The Time Is Now? Betty, TOO! is a hang out place where you have a cup of coffee and chill. People come, bump each other, maybe stay and maybe go. The movement looks quite fluid but there is certainly a moment when the right combination of people get together at the right time to create incredible vibe. We want to capture the moment and try to show it in our programme. Thats why we call it The Time Is Now. It is also a rough translation of my favourite Japanese saying Ichi-go-ichi-e…

The Time Is Now!

Created by Nickie Nicole in collaboration with Yuki and Tetsuro

The logo for this podcast is designed by Nicholas Carter based on characters of this saying. Hope many people listen to the programme, share and enjoy the moment with everyone at Betty, TOO!…..

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  1. Dwjazzlover says:

    Sounds Absolutely Wonderful!! I can hardly wait to get there..Love you Guys…

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