The Time is now 01-2010

Weeks after the first announcement we finally present the very first fan podcast of Betty, TOO! in Amsterdam.

It’s a very busy period and the recording of the podcast was more difficult to time then we thought in the beginning. When you listen to the podcast you will hear several times changing sound quality. This is due to interruptions in the recording process. We had to edit the podcast from several recordings of the last week, after realizing, that we would not be able to do it in ‘one go’. We are by no means professionals and we learned a lot during the production of the first podcast. We see there is lots of room to improve, but for the moment we want to make sure you rather get up to date info than perfect sound.

The Time Is Now!

The official logo of the podcast was created by Nickie Nicole in collaboration with Yuki and Tetsuro

The most recent episode will be hosted on Older episodes will go into the archive and will be still accessible for download and streaming.

Show notes by timeline:

00:00 Intro Yuki

00:04 Intro Song – Rob Warren – Time and tight

00:53 Introduction Yuki tells a bit about things going on during gay pride. Here are the links to the events she mentioned:

Due to very bad weather conditions the contest was held at Kerkstraat 58 in a ex-sauna. Unfortunately the organisation had to send people away for security. The place was too full to fit more people! For all who couldn’t make it here are some more pictures and a video of the Drag King Betty contest 2010:

02:01 Introduction of our guest Nicholas Carter aka Nickie Nicole

02:27 Introduction of our guest Rob Warren

Rob Warren’s debut EP ‘Rise’ is released under a Creative Commons copyright licence, click the link for more info on how you can use his music.

04:32 Rob Warren with Iranzu BakerRise – (cc-by-nc-sa)

09:03 Yuki and Marc talk about Creative Commons

13:35 Interview with Nicholas Carter aka Nickie Nickole

Nicholas Carter aka Nickie Nicole

Hi Money,... I'm Home (! This picture is not under Creative Commons License! Please contact Nicky for more information!!!)

19:02 Rob Warren with Iranzu Baker – Italy (live @ Betty, TOO!) – (cc-by-nc-sa)

22:24 Interview with Nicholas Carter aka Nickie Nickole (Part II)

30:08 Rob Warren with Iranzu Baker – Four Walls (live for the video shoot with Martijn @ Betty, TOO!) – (cc-by-nc-sa)

32:58 Rob Warren with Iranzu Baker – Speak – (cc-by-nc-sa)

35:52 Yuki and Marc talking about Martijn who is working in the shop. Martijn was not only helping with the cover of Rob’s CD, but also did the official gay pride video!

37:15 Interview with Rob Warren

First public gig of Iranzu ever!

A huge stage for both, but it was also Iranzu's first time performance in public!

55:07 After a small break we continued the interview with Rob Warren

58:54 Yuki is wrapping it up

59:44 Rob Warren with Iranzu Baker – All I Can Do – (cc-by-nc-sa)

63:23 End

In the future we plan to make live recording sessions in the shop so you will have an option to join and participate. We are also still working on the technical part to get better  in the future. We are by no means professionals, but we hope you enjoy our first wild ride of talk and music anyway. We learned a lot and had even more fun! I will post the outtakes in the next few days. So stay tuned!

Please use the comment section! Tell us what you want to hear about – and make sure you support the artists by either going to the exhibition or buying a CD.

Sources and Licensing:

Creative Commons License
The Time Is Now by The Time Is Now is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The license includes all graphics, text and speech on the podcast. A few items on this website are from the artists own personal websites/myspace profiles and don’t contain licensing information. That’s why they are listed as unknown. The individual music licenses are listed next to each track, where known. If there is no creative commons license listed you must assume all rights are reserved! We will mark those items clearly and we will provide you with contact information/links.

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