Podcast preparation

Over the years, facebook has become a very nice tool for us to stay in contact with customers and friends of Betty,TOO! It’s easy to keep you informed on events and helped to create some direct communication between customers/friends.

Yes, facebook is cool when it comes to messaging or sharing events, but we are not happy with the fact, that basically all information on facebook is automatically “owned” by them. Feeding them with content and while losing the credits feels odd. We believe that content should be shared rather than suppressed for copyright reasons and created this blog to share! Expect stories about the people, the street the city and of course Betty, TOO!

Yuki already announced that we are also going to produce a podcast as a service for everyone who’s interested in Amsterdam. At the moment we are busy sorting out some important organisational stuff and try to bring some structure into our ideas. Everything from selecting the host and co-host of the show, to interview appointments and music needs to be sorted out…

We plan to release the podcast on a bi-weekly rhythm. Structured like a good old-fashioned talk radio show we present you with a mix of talk, information and music. In the first episode we will have some special guest helping us to get the show going.

Unfortunately our mystery host is not in town before July 06th so you will have wait a little longer before we finally get all recordings done, edited and uploaded.

In the meantime I will post some more articles about the different parts of the podcast, so you get some background information. Today I will give you some info about the music we are going to use:

Music and the legal parts of podcasting

As a special The Time Is Now! will only contain music that you can legally download and share with others!

What would you do if you are an artist who doesn’t  have a label that pays some governmental radio station to “power-play” your songs until the people are brainwashed enough to start buying? You could start spreading it for free via the internet and ask people copy and distribute it, so your product reaches the public and your name gets known!

Music spreads by recommendation, by playing and broadcasting. It’s a natural thing – nothing else! People who like the product will be interested and promoting it in their circles. Very similar to the good old-time when folksongs where spread by travelers and salesman across the countries and the borders. Some of them got changed (remixed) and/or lyrics added. Some of the authors have been forgotten, but some are still famous for their works. Today these songs are forming the base of our cultural societies and identity, because they are commonly shared…

The music during the podcast will be mainly from JAMENDO.  Jamendo is a platform for musicians to share their work and release under creative commons license.  The license allows everyone to share in a fair way, rather than restricting the use of their product. Here is a piece from the creative commons website, that puts things quite short together:

…Creative Commons licenses are copyright licenses – plain and simple. Period. CC licenses are legal tools that creators can use to offer certain usage rights to the public, while reserving other rights. Without copyright, these tools don’t work. Artists and record labels that want to make their music available to the public for certain uses, like noncommercial sharing or remixing, should consider using CC licenses. Artists and labels that want to reserve all of their copyright rights should absolutely not use CC licenses. Many musicians, including acts like Nine Inch NailsBeastie BoysYoussou N’DourToneCurt SmithDavid ByrneRadiohead,YunyuKristin Hersh, and Snoop Dogg, have used Creative Commons licenses to share with the public. These musicians aren’t looking to stop making money from their music…

Find the whole text (and license) on the creative commons website: http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/22643?utm_source=ccorg&utm_medium=postbanner

As a conclusion, the spoken word and the artwork of the show are going to be released under the creative commons license as well, so you can use it for your own non commercial projects. The music tracks we play may have different licenses and these will be clearly marked in the show-notes. Please check these for yourself before using any of the tracks for other purposes to be sure they fit with the terms of your project!

Our goal is to give you an overview of what you like – so we need your response! You don’t need to be a musician. Go to the Jamendo website and then start listening! Please send us your feedback and thoughts on the music you find on Jamendo and on what we play in the show. If you make music or you know people who make music and you think they should be on the show, send them in! We are always pleased to find new music and share it with our wonderful listeners all over the world!

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