Rathole Radio @ Betty,TOO!

Join us when we explore the world of truly free music and culture. Betty,TOO! wants to offer a platform for artists and free culture projects.

In the past, we have been supporting LGBT-events, filmnights, karaoke and gave DJ’s options to train their skills. We had exhibitions and performances as well as famous and not so famous artists in the shop. We do like Linux and we love the idea of Rathole Radio!

Like many of the online activities, Rathole Radio @ Betty,TOO! is one of my (most favourite) projects. Dan the host of the show describes it as:

“..fortnightly Internet radio show and podcast about culture, technology and politics with humour, guests, the best in new music and even exclusive live performances.”

Be prepared to hear a blend of rock, electro, folk, pop, and last but not least live songs from artists you probably never heard before. Most of the time the show features a live performance by Dan, but sometimes he got some interesting guest to play live or contribute their songs under creative commons licenses.

The fact that Dan put his show under Creative Commons license allows us to play and promote those songs and even offer you download links for the songs played. If you are new to the term Creative Commons, we recommend to go to the Creative Commons website.

..The music we hear in the mainstream media this days is corporate mass produced shite, basically. That might sound coarse but it’s the truth. People become obsessed with pigeonholing things, target markets and all that twaddle. For me there are only 2 types of music in the world. Music I like and music I don’t. I’m going to try and share some of that with you, and hopefully we’ll find some common ground along the way.

Next show: Sunday 22th August 2010 at 10pm Amsterdam time! Please come and bring your laptop so you can tune into the live chat of the show.


The show is officially licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales Licence. Anything I say or perform on the show is licensed in this way. The music tracks I play by other artists may have different licenses and these will be clearly marked in the track listing. Please check these for yourself before using any of the tracks for other purposes to be sure they fit with your terms.

Creative Commons License
Rathole Radio by Dan Lynch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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